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Need to Record on a Regular Basis?

Apply For Our Artist Development Program
Save up to 50% Off Hourly Rates!

Consistency is What Transforms Average Into Excellence!

Artist Development Program



Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Enjoy regular access to our boutique music production studio and talented staff without breaking the bank. This is perfect for upcoming artists who are ready to invest in themselves in order to reach the next level of their music career. 

Discover and Refine Your Own Unique Sound.

How the Program Works:

How You Will Benefit:

  • Work 1 on 1 with a producer to craft your sound, style, and unique brand identity from the ground up.

  • We’ll create custom tracks tailored for your unique voice and vision.

  • We’ll help you write unforgettable hooks and create dynamic moments in your songs that leave listeners wanting to hear it again

  • We’ll provide mentorship, knowledge and experience to help you navigate the music industry

  • We’ll help you formulate and execute a clear plan of action to grow your fan base organically

  • We’ll help you evaluate your ideal audience and structure a value ladder to both monetize your fanbase and turn them into lifelong fans

  • We’ll help you plan consistent social content with viral potential

  • We’ll help you pitch the music we make to blogs, playlists and influencers

  • We’ll keep you motivated and focused by maintaining a consistent creative schedule and holding each other accountable

  • You’ll be part of a team that has each other’s backs and understands that we have more strength together than individually

  • We’ll facilitate further growth and networking with other artists and creatives in our network

  • Form relationships that will last a long after your participation in the program


Twelve 2-hr production sessions/month

Weekly group strategy session with other artists in the program

Aim to create 2-3 full songs per month



  • Must be ready and committed to doing the work on a daily basis.

  • Must post about studio sessions and tag @permasonicrecords

  • 50/50 publishing, 50/50 mechanical

Contact Us to Apply For Our Artist Development Program

Openings are limited, so let us know what you're looking for and why you would be a good fit.

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Thanks for applying!

*All Access Subject to Scheduling Availability

Photo I.D. Required || Must Agree To Studio Rules & Sign This Rental Agreement || 6 Month Minimum Commitment || Security Deposit Required || Plans are Non-Transferable

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